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I was so impressed with [my Barnard bartenders]...Within just a few minutes it was perfectly clear that they were fine without any input or help from me. I loved that they kept taking initiative, changing their game plan as circumstances during the party changed. They were delightful to our guests and kept coming up with ways to just make things better...With [Barnard bartenders] working I just didn’t have a moment’s anxiety. ~Sarah J.


About Our Agency

The Barnard Bartending Agency is a student-run enterprise affiliated with Barnard College, Columbia University. The Agency has been providing bartending and party helping services for over three decades. All Agency members have undergone an intensive five-week training course, and are currently registered Barnard College students.

The Barnard Bartending Agency offers efficient and reliable bartenders and party helpers at an unbeatable rate. Use us for your next formal reception, wedding, gallery opening, benefit, cocktail party, wine tasting, buffet dinner, holiday party, or dinner party.